Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dissementing Moon : Tuesday 2nd February

Dissementing Moon: Tuesday 2nd of February
Moon in Libra – Air

Mid Winter Celebration, phrophecy, purification, initiation –
Candlemas (Christian), New Year (Tibetan, Chinese, Iroquois), Tu Bi-Shevat (Jewish).
Goddess Festivals: Brigit, Brighid, Brigid
“A pure, new light sparks as we emerge from winter’s dark sleep. The power Gate of Aquarius opens, releasing the Air element and heralding returning light. We recharge our psychic batteries as the entire universe begins to quiver and pulse its cosmic rhythm. Earthlings feel Her intensity acutely as the Wheel shifts in these troubled times.
We meet in the temple’s outer chamber. Since childhood we have trained as Priestesses of Brigit and keepers of Her eternal flame. Our lifework is committed to social justice and feeding the poor, sick and hungry; inspired by Brigit, we ask nothing in return.
Wemoon construct moonpoles with slender birch trees, parchment frames and votive candles. Dressed in white, we proceed into the dimmed temple, where our community waits. We can hear their soft humming. Our moonpoles are lit, held high they cast a beautiful glow of hope. We slowly circle the room, ending in a spiral. Everyone chants encouragement to the returning Sun; then we pledge our yearly commitments to Goddess- within and without. We devote ourselves to peace, caring for our precious earth and ending hatred among Her people. Our community is blessed.”

As we returned to Mal Paso Beach, on an overnight bus on the 2nd, a storm had struck Mexico. And when we went back to our Paradise, it still had not ended. Our beloved campsite was not in ruins, yet definitely had been damaged. An omen. I took it, and took up and left a short time later.

Lighting, thunder, Air and Fire
Elements of Earth
Cracking open Darkness, of negativity, secrets, power
Balancing the forces of all living things
Cracking the order of illusion back open to the only one in power
Mother Earth striking the land back to life.

Mother I feel you under my feet
Mother I hear your heart beat (x2)

Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho
Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho (x2)

Mother I hear you in the river’s song
Eternal waters flowing on and on (x2)

Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho
Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho

Father I see you when the eagle flies
Flight of the spirit gonna take us higher (x2)

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