Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gibbious Moon: Wednesday 24th February

Gibbious Moon : Wednesday 24th of February
Moon in Cancer – Water
(Moon rises before sunset and sets before sunrise)

Bosque Village – This has been my work schedule…
Tierra de Encino (Raking Oak leaves, wheel barrel to “Barranka” empty creek bed and dump into for soil)
Basket Weaving Class (Local native art form of weaving pine needle baskets)
Market (Local Tuesday market with veggie farms, fresh food…)
Plant Seeds (Pine nuts, anise, and cactus)
Grafting (Cut Mazanillo tree’s to graft pear and quince tree’s)

Here is just an idea of what I have been doing at the farm, work wise. Cob is defiantly overall my favorite project. Working with mud to build houses is just the simplest yet extraordinary idea out there. We are using Red soil that’s quit fine (not too heavy in clay) with pine needles, as they are extremely long here (in replacement for straw) and sawdust; which they get for free at a local sawmill (replacing sand). While here I have been reading a book: The Hand sculpted House, to learn a bit more. Well, frankly a lot more. Tho since the first day we have had the 2 local Mexican Brothers (they work here) Chileano and Beto help guide us with mixing the cob. But still, if I want to build my future in cob, gotta learn bit more.
We haven’t done any other natural building here yet, tho an Earthship is in its beginning-beginning stage. Pounding dirt into the tires with a sledge hammer, I suppose I don’t have to do that right away. And I hope I might be able to learn some straw bale or earth bag building later on.
Besides working, I have been learning pine needle basket weaving, reading on cob and eco villages, yoga and hulla hooping, eating far too much, building fires and singing around fires, cards, and making new friends.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon-
If you want your dream to be
Build it slow and surely.
Small beginnings, greater ends
Heartfelt work grows purely.

If you want to live life free,
Take your time, go slowly.
Do few things, but do them well.
Simple joys are holy.

Day by day,
Stone by stone
Build your secret slowly.
Day by day
You’ll grow too, you’ll know heavens glory.

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