Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Balsamic Moon: Wednesday 10th February

Balsamic Moon – Wednesday 10th of February
Moon in Capricorn – Earth

Still floating Earth Goddesses, chanting and singing amongst the trees day to day, I resigned in Yelapa, content as one could be. Climbing trees and hooting and hollering as monkeys, our tribe grew and shrank as beautiful earthlings came and left. A wild journey thru the oh so treacherous jungleJ, we came across a beautiful waterfall. Here we bathed and swam in our Mother’s blood. Earth is sure good to us. She provides us everything we need to survive on this planet.
Thoughts of Mercury as it moved into Air at (1:06 am) swam into my soul. It was coming time to leave. Take a boat back. Mercury= Travel. And with it, the next day I left.

Fly like an Eagle
Fly so High
Circling the Universe
On wings of pure light

Hey Witchy tai tai
Witchy tai yo
Hey witchy tai tai
Witchy tai yo

We all fly our Eagles
Fly so high
Circling the Universe
On wings of pure light

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