Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Moon: Sunday 28th February

Full Moon : Sunday 28th of February
Moon in Virgo – Earth
(Moon rises as the sun sets, and sets as the sun rises)

I can remember the full moon in February a year ago. It was a cold, frosty night in California. I was in a long Elven cloak, chanting Earth Mother songs, while lying out my crystals in my Faerie garden. Blessing the crystals I work with, with the magic of the moonlight. The moonlight of the Virgo, of me, of Earth. There was a magical mist that night, just as a year later it returns. This night as well, I danced to the moonlights glow and swayed in harmony with the Earth.
Just as last month, Jupiter has brought forth an opportunity, another Tamascal. Along with two other volunteers, my friends Mathois from Germany and Naima from France, we embarked on a spiritual journey thro time…Or just to another farm, outside Erongajacuaro. At this place, they actually hold Tamascal’s twice a month. Their sweat lodge was made of cement and was a beautiful picture of the Earth’s belly. It was a small ceremony, with around 10 people. The experience was quit different from my last, and I had a very hard time not comparing it. Naima was going thro the same as well. Fortuantly Mathois had never been, and thus didn’t have our problem. The actual Tamascal didn’t heat up for some reason to its fullest, and it acted quit like a mellow sauna. Before we had sweated head to foot for 3 hours and in comparison we only heated up for about 1 ½ hours. We did do some mantras within the Earth’s Belly and a Snake, Serpente almost took me within its grasp. Yet I never fully was entranced as before. What was very different, and hard to overcome was that it was quite Catholic/Christian as well. It was interesting indeed to see the combination of Hale Mary’s and chants of our Earth Mother, but overall it wasn’t exactly my place. Tho we had an amazing day anyways! I suppose especially for my company. That evening when we returned to the farm, we had a bonfire and ceremony for the full moon. We listened to music all night and danced to the beams of the moonlight. Connecting as one with the Earth. Watching clouds pass by in creatures of dragons, boats, and creatures of the old world. Sinking within, becoming one body, the Earth and I, we are all connected. The Moon dance and sang in peace and beauty. Words are nothing, nothing to what was. To the moment of the night. To the stars lite above as I slept by the campfire. The moon is within all of us. Within every women. We come from the moon, I am the moon. I am moonlight. The balance of the night of this Earth.

La tierra es nuestra madre, Debemos cuidar la.
La tierra es nuestra madre, Debemos amar la.

Nace la vida, en esta tierra sagrada
Nace la vida, en esta tierra sagrada

El fuego es nuestra hermano, Debemos cuidar lo
El fuego es nuestra hermano, Debemos respecter lo

Nace la vida, en esta tierra sagrada
Nace la vida, en esta tierra sagrada

El aire es nuestra hermano, Debemos cuidar lo
El aire es nuestra hermano, Debemos respecter lo
Nace la vida, en esta tierra sagrada
Nace la vida, en esta tierra sagrada

La agua es nuestra hermana, Debemos cuidar la
La agua es nuestra hermana, Debemos amar la

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gibbious Moon: Wednesday 24th February

Gibbious Moon : Wednesday 24th of February
Moon in Cancer – Water
(Moon rises before sunset and sets before sunrise)

Bosque Village – This has been my work schedule…
Tierra de Encino (Raking Oak leaves, wheel barrel to “Barranka” empty creek bed and dump into for soil)
Basket Weaving Class (Local native art form of weaving pine needle baskets)
Market (Local Tuesday market with veggie farms, fresh food…)
Plant Seeds (Pine nuts, anise, and cactus)
Grafting (Cut Mazanillo tree’s to graft pear and quince tree’s)

Here is just an idea of what I have been doing at the farm, work wise. Cob is defiantly overall my favorite project. Working with mud to build houses is just the simplest yet extraordinary idea out there. We are using Red soil that’s quit fine (not too heavy in clay) with pine needles, as they are extremely long here (in replacement for straw) and sawdust; which they get for free at a local sawmill (replacing sand). While here I have been reading a book: The Hand sculpted House, to learn a bit more. Well, frankly a lot more. Tho since the first day we have had the 2 local Mexican Brothers (they work here) Chileano and Beto help guide us with mixing the cob. But still, if I want to build my future in cob, gotta learn bit more.
We haven’t done any other natural building here yet, tho an Earthship is in its beginning-beginning stage. Pounding dirt into the tires with a sledge hammer, I suppose I don’t have to do that right away. And I hope I might be able to learn some straw bale or earth bag building later on.
Besides working, I have been learning pine needle basket weaving, reading on cob and eco villages, yoga and hulla hooping, eating far too much, building fires and singing around fires, cards, and making new friends.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon-
If you want your dream to be
Build it slow and surely.
Small beginnings, greater ends
Heartfelt work grows purely.

If you want to live life free,
Take your time, go slowly.
Do few things, but do them well.
Simple joys are holy.

Day by day,
Stone by stone
Build your secret slowly.
Day by day
You’ll grow too, you’ll know heavens glory.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Quarter Moon: Sunday 21st February

First Quarter Moon – Sunday 21st of February
Moon in Gemini – Air
(The moon is visible from noon to midnight)

Destination: Bosque Village (Eco-Farm), near Yotatiro Pueblo, 20 minutes from Patzcuaro, on the lake, North Michocan
Mission: Wwoof Volunteer and to learn Natural Building

I left on the 18th from the beach to finally head into the mountains of Mexico for most likely a few months. I needed a breath of fresh air from sandy beach after sandy beach and now to have a few missions… This is my first Eco Farm that I am going to visit in Mexico. Here it runs a bit differently than most. It isn’t really a family run affair nor an eco village as their name clams. It is an American couple with a large piece of land in the mountains that host about 5-20 volunteers at a time year round. As volunteers we actually pay to stay and work here, unlike most Wwoofing farms, yet by the looks of their webpage, I was quite excited to check it out anyway. And as a plus, my Goddess friend Emily, from Sweden was already there. Thus from the 19th I will be here the next 2 weeks. My first day I arrived just before lunch and met all the other volunteers, thou not till the next day did I begin work with the others. On a daily schedule, we wake up before 8 to have breakfast in the Casita (Volunteers house with living room, library, bathroom, and kitchen) and begin work at 8:30. My mission is to learn about natural building while in Mexico and on my first day of work here, we worked with cob to build a cob house that is already half done. Yet we had no one leading us and only one girl who has a bit of experience with cob, trying to do her best to instruct the rest of us. Longer I stay here, the more I realize the lack of teachers and the majority of self teaching. As many complaints I have, along with the other volunteers, in general the place is great. What I am trying to do is focus on how my future community could run better. And with each day I know more with what I want and don’t want.


Amor, Amor, Amor, Amor, Amor
El mensaje es el amor
Amar tus Hermanos… (La Luna, El Sol, Los Arboles, Los Plantos, Los Animales, La Tierra Madre)
Como tu mismo
Y yo soy amor

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cresent Moon: Wednesday 17th February

Crescent Moon : Wednesday 17th of February
Moon in Aries – Fire
(Moon rises in morning and is only visible in late afternoon or early evening)

We are the creators of our own lives. We write our own scripts, to our own movies. We have the ability to change whatever in our lives, whenever we want to. Our hands are magical. Our bodies are empowered. We are all witches and wizards. Brujas… So wake up! Realize you are the creator of your own happiness. When a situation sucks, change your attitude. Realize you create that feeling, that energy. We are powerful beings, only now re-realizing that we can do anything!
When it Storms, sing out to the Lighting
When the Sun shines, soak up His energy
When the Moon rises, dance to Her harmony
When the Winds and Air blow, fly away
When Snow falls, become children again
And when the Rain pours, run fast and fast and faster into her water depths of non existence.

It started pouring rain again. You know it’s not the rainy season here. Winter is not when it rains. Summer it rains. Not winter. Mother Earth why is it raining? Listen! She is crying, tears of neglect nice and beating. We are hurting her, her belly. We live in her belly and are tearing at it. We have to wake up! And fight as Earth, Light, and Rainbow Warriors.
With the Rain, I went out and danced. Danced, Danced, and Danced.
And with Mercury in the sky, I decided to leave the next day.

“One thing we know for sure.
The Earth was not made for man,
Man was made for Earth.”

¨How can we buy or sell the Earth? We do not weave the web of life. We are but a strand in the web of life. What we do to the Web we do to ourselves. All things are connected. Every part of this Earth is scared to my people.¨

-Chief Seattle

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Moon: Saturday 13th February

New Moon: Saturday 13th of February
Lunar Imbolc
New Moon in Aquarius – Air
(Moon rises and sets with the sun)

Destination: Maruata
I left Yelapa the 11th traveled all day and night and arrived the 12th in the wee hours to south Michocan State of Mexico. I traveled along the coast, about 10 hours to a new beach. I had had plans to go to Colima, just about 5 hours away to hike an active volcano on the new moon. Yet I found out, as its February there is snow at top. As well realized it wasn’t the best plan to do it alone. And even more so, later on found out its impossible to hike the active volcano altogether. Thus luckily I arrived in Maruata. Where I hung out on the, oh so beautiful beach and camped for another week.

The new moon was a special day. The beginning of the Chinese New Year and the first moon cycle since the Winter Solstice had finished. As well the New Moon was the Lunar Imbolc.
That day for late dinner I met a local friend and we made together fresh fish (as he was a scrubber diver and fisherman, like most locals there) with tortillas and guacamole; just the beginning of a beautiful day. Later he took me to see the turtles. He works for a turtle sanctuary there, and we went looking for some Mama turtles laying her eggs. And after over an hour walk on the beach with no luck, and as we were reaching the sanctuary again, we found her; a beautiful creature of Earth Mother. A mother as well, laying her eggs in the sand. We had arrived just in time for to watch her dig her hole, lay her eggs and leave. Then we, I actually took the eggs back to the sanctuary and buried them in a guarded area there. And while we were away, some babies had hatched (takes about 45 days) and then we realized them into the ocean. The Moon was is conjunction with Neptune that night as there was definitely a spiritual awakening going on, with cosmic love and all as one!
That night at midnight I climbed up a rocky cliff to sing to our Earth Mother and pray for the restoration of our planet. To pray and sing that we humans can wake up and realize we must take care of Her, if we want to keep living. To sing out in love. We are all one.

We have to learn to do nothing again
To just be
Be and exist
Absorb Mother Nature
Look at her magical kingdom
Waste time
Time doesn’t exist
What exists is right in front of you
Our Mother Earth
Our Father Sky
Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Hug a tree
We are a part of them, yet they are wise
When you learn to do nothing,
you will realize that you are doing everything

I feel like dancing till the end of time.
Till my feet and arms are wings and I’ll fly into Heaven.
To be one with my Spirit and all kind. Aho

We are the Change
We are the ones that we are waiting for
We are dawning
We are the rising sun

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Balsamic Moon: Wednesday 10th February

Balsamic Moon – Wednesday 10th of February
Moon in Capricorn – Earth

Still floating Earth Goddesses, chanting and singing amongst the trees day to day, I resigned in Yelapa, content as one could be. Climbing trees and hooting and hollering as monkeys, our tribe grew and shrank as beautiful earthlings came and left. A wild journey thru the oh so treacherous jungleJ, we came across a beautiful waterfall. Here we bathed and swam in our Mother’s blood. Earth is sure good to us. She provides us everything we need to survive on this planet.
Thoughts of Mercury as it moved into Air at (1:06 am) swam into my soul. It was coming time to leave. Take a boat back. Mercury= Travel. And with it, the next day I left.

Fly like an Eagle
Fly so High
Circling the Universe
On wings of pure light

Hey Witchy tai tai
Witchy tai yo
Hey witchy tai tai
Witchy tai yo

We all fly our Eagles
Fly so high
Circling the Universe
On wings of pure light

Friday, February 5, 2010

Last Quarter Moon : Friday 5th February

Last Quarter Moon: Friday 5th of February
Moon in Scorpio – Water

Destination: Yelapa, Jalisco

I ran quickly outta Mal Paso after the storm had hit. Took it as an Earth Omen and took to a new beach, not too far away. There would be a trance party on Saturday and was hoping to dance the night away as well as sell some of my artisania’s. I ended up spending a magical time with 2 other Goddesses of the Earth (Artists selling jewelry as well) from Mexico. A small tribe of us dirty campers formed on the beach and the backyard of a house, just learning to be, sit, content with not much. Cooking from the camp fire every night and giving our bodies wisdom of relaxation, meditation, and peace. Our energies combined were sky rocketing from the tree’s and peace was within our palms.

“Crack your seed pod.
Scatter your promise.
Nurture your soil.
Protect your waters.
Stretch your branches far and wide.
Grow Grow Grow!”
Protect Mother Earth

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dissementing Moon : Tuesday 2nd February

Dissementing Moon: Tuesday 2nd of February
Moon in Libra – Air

Mid Winter Celebration, phrophecy, purification, initiation –
Candlemas (Christian), New Year (Tibetan, Chinese, Iroquois), Tu Bi-Shevat (Jewish).
Goddess Festivals: Brigit, Brighid, Brigid
“A pure, new light sparks as we emerge from winter’s dark sleep. The power Gate of Aquarius opens, releasing the Air element and heralding returning light. We recharge our psychic batteries as the entire universe begins to quiver and pulse its cosmic rhythm. Earthlings feel Her intensity acutely as the Wheel shifts in these troubled times.
We meet in the temple’s outer chamber. Since childhood we have trained as Priestesses of Brigit and keepers of Her eternal flame. Our lifework is committed to social justice and feeding the poor, sick and hungry; inspired by Brigit, we ask nothing in return.
Wemoon construct moonpoles with slender birch trees, parchment frames and votive candles. Dressed in white, we proceed into the dimmed temple, where our community waits. We can hear their soft humming. Our moonpoles are lit, held high they cast a beautiful glow of hope. We slowly circle the room, ending in a spiral. Everyone chants encouragement to the returning Sun; then we pledge our yearly commitments to Goddess- within and without. We devote ourselves to peace, caring for our precious earth and ending hatred among Her people. Our community is blessed.”

As we returned to Mal Paso Beach, on an overnight bus on the 2nd, a storm had struck Mexico. And when we went back to our Paradise, it still had not ended. Our beloved campsite was not in ruins, yet definitely had been damaged. An omen. I took it, and took up and left a short time later.

Lighting, thunder, Air and Fire
Elements of Earth
Cracking open Darkness, of negativity, secrets, power
Balancing the forces of all living things
Cracking the order of illusion back open to the only one in power
Mother Earth striking the land back to life.

Mother I feel you under my feet
Mother I hear your heart beat (x2)

Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho
Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho (x2)

Mother I hear you in the river’s song
Eternal waters flowing on and on (x2)

Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho
Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho

Father I see you when the eagle flies
Flight of the spirit gonna take us higher (x2)