Saturday, January 19, 2013

Eagle Spirit

I woke up this morning and instead of turning on my computer right away i decided i needed to breath in some fresh, cold air. I pass thro  the kitchen,  and out into the boot room to put on my uggs, to step outside in the mornings welcoming song. I did a short walk to the north, past the greenhouse, towards the beach and then back towards the long house and onto the dock facing west. Looking right onto small Bella Bella i thought what a shame the house faced towards the neighboring island town. My thoughts extended to sadness that i would probably not see much wildlife around my new home. That morning thus far i had seen seagulls and another ocean bird on the dock and around the water. And suddenly i heard a strange sound, like a small song bird singing out to the morning. And following that noise, to a bunch of three trees right above the old, office house i see high and above perched a Bald Eagle. I just stood there in wonder. It is my third day here up in the Great North on the coastal waters of the Pacific. The first day i saw the backside of an eagle fly past and on the second day an eagle flew high over me while wondering the rocky, clammy beach. Yet today, my new neighbor had joined me for the slow sunrise on the west side of the island. I stood on the dock with binoculars in hands and spied on him up close. As i was memorized by his beauty and power i spoke a thank you prayer to Creator. I thanked the 2 winged, the Flying Nation, Father Sky, and this winged child of God for his presence and medicine. I asked for more magic to enter into my life. Magic of the old ways, of what is becoming hard to find, Magic of the Earth, of the Wild, and of Spirit. And then suddenly two more bald eagles came from the North swooping across the skies, flying together, in and out of each paths, and on towards Bella Bella. I took my binoculars out again and watched their path as they headed out of sight, but then i caught one as it slowly turned around and made back East towards me. It circled and flew past me, creating an enormous circle, a hoop. In awe i turned my attention back to the Eagle sitting high above in the tree nearby and gazed on for a while longer. I then decided to go inside for a camera, gloves, and tobacco. Outside again i tried to get a close up shot of the Eagle with my small, dingy camera. Not much luck. I know now why a big, expensive camera would be handy. I take a walk around the office house and now am standing below this mighty Spirit and make an offering of tobacco and put it up in a dead tree below him. I make my way up a little rock. In my eyes a prayer rock that is nestled nearby the house, but above all other land. Here i roll my smoke and speak my prayer to the rising sun and the 7 directions. My friend still seats above me in the cold, grey skies. At that point i go inside for a bit to nourish my grumbling belly. During that time i keep checking on my friend from the big windows in the long house and he still seats high above. After a while i go back outside and my attention is pulled towards the Northern shores where a flock of noisy crows have descended on the beach. I make my way around trees, brush, and a decaying shack to find the beach full of crows. As well small clams, that perhaps they are feasting on. At this point i am right below the group of trees that my feathered friend sits a top. I make towards a enormous, organic drift wood or rather tree that sits on the beach. There i stand as crows come and sit beside me. That is until a startling noise and shuffle above turn my attention sky ward. It appears another Eagle has come diving into this Eagles perch and chasing him off and away. I spot one of them has made it to the other side of the beach and landed among the trees. I gaze on and walk across rocks and back to the house towards the dock. I take a few last looks at this mighty one across the beach now and make towards the outhouse. When i come back my friend has once again landed back in his high perch right above the house. I smile and think and i hope this will be a long friendship. I go back inside, ending my mornings excitement  here on Denny Island and prepare for an afternoon adventure seeking wolf's at the old airport.