Thursday, May 27, 2010

Full Moon - Thursday 27th of May

Full Moon May 27th

Is the world coming to an end or is it just beginning. Beginning of a new cycle of a new time. A consciousness that is awakening up all our neighbors. Soon one will walk down the street dressed in full colors of rainbow light, body art, piercing, and a canvas of art work and will not be stared at. Instead looked at as a brother, as a sister, as all one human kind. Soon we wont be stared at for being different because we will be coming together into one race at this crucial time in this very moment of life. Soon my meditations, my prayers, my positive vibrations of light will reach yours. Circles of light warriors manifesting heaven will awaken those asleep. Vibrations of peace and love cannot be darkened and overcome. We who walk on the path of light spread as our groups grow. We can reach masses of groups to open up their minds faster than darkness will ever possibly. For in a darkened space, light can be created but in a light space can darkness occur… There are world catasphores coming, they have already begun. Earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones… They are occurring more and more ever since this age of awareness has begun to stir. Yet do not be confused, they are not created by awareness, but from darkness of humans. Global warming is not creating by the Earth, yet by the destruction humans have caused to mama earth. We are the blame, not our planet. We are the blame to the recent catastrophes this past year. Humans, Scientists, Dark Greedy beings far from light have been messing with the weather in science experiments. Trying to create a true world power of weapon… HARP Yet there are side appects. Those beings that are creating hide away for when the world comes tumbling down wont be so safe as they think. Only prayer, thought, and positive vibrations can save us now. Only thro disaster though, will most of human kind come together… I fear so. Thus I am ready for this change. For what has already begun. For the next few years of chaos. I tell my brothers and sisters to stop wasting time in daily jobs and Uni or School. Will these kinds of things prepare you for what is coming? Teach you how to live truly off the earth, just like in the beginning. To become savages, wild beings living off the land. Thanking Mama Earth for what she gives us. Killing and sacrificing animals for food. Are you ready for this? If not, you shouldn’t be eating meat. Are you ready to be one with the dirt, leaves, grasses, and sands…? And live one on one with Pacha Mama. Prepare yourselves, this is that time. The shamans and Ancients, the Wise Ones have released their Secrets, their Prophets, the possible future…So are you going to turn your back on that and go back to your daily job and emptiness. Or listen, wake up your mind and spirit to the new world that is coming.

It thunder and stormed last night just like the past five nights in a row. How strange, it is only May. The rainy season here shouldn’t start till July. A month early and shoulders shrug. Confusion is swept away and conversation ends. It is forgotten. The fact is that we are seeing changes, not just here, but all over the world. Did winter come early this year for you, or These are slight changes that most brush away, yet if you open up your eyes just a bit more, you will begin to notice the change. Notice the climate changes and think about them, if you do, you might just be more prepared. Prepared for what is to come, the change that will be much more dramatic in 2012. The signs Mama Earth are sending us with all these world chatasaphores. Tears and anger of what we have done to her and what we still are doing.

In Mexico I am jumping back and forth from such extreme opposites. I am on the road, synchronicity and faith in Pacha Mama always gives me a place to stay and food to eat. I am in a more clear state of who I am becoming and I realize what my Spirit is more comfortable with. What it needs and wants. Often I am camping, out in the open. I stopped using my tent, sleep under the stars, beside a tree, one with the earth. This is who I am. This is the natural rhythm of life of Mama Earth. I am her child, dirty, swimming in her oceans of trees, forests and animal life… And now I am in a clean house, white sheets and blankets, a bed. Kitchen, electricity, plumbing, what a strange wwoof experience. A reminder to not get drawn into luxury, habits of how humans grow up today. For I am not amongst your kind anymore, I am a Forest Fae, who loves the Earth and feels the natural rhythms of life that most have forgotten. I am becoming one with everything, with Pacha Mama.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gibbous Moon - Saturday 22nd of May

Gibbous Moon – May 22nd

Destination: Tepoztlan (Home to Aztec Serpent God – Quetzalcoatl and alternative spiritual community)

Arrival no place to stay, yet on the street a young women comes up to me and asks if I want to camp at her place.
I spent all my money right when I arrived in a Crystal Magical Kingdom. Crystals are so magnetic; they just drew me into the store.
Thus I was without any money till the New Moon (twice a month I am trying to allow myself take out money I have saved) 10 days…
Yet when you ask for what you need, the Earth provides you it. I am learning this. Learning this more without the abundance of paper, of our concept of currency. I am a creative child of Earth. I am always making something with my hand, creating beauty. And this is how I shall travel, by selling my Artsanias – Crafts. I am digging into my roots. My gypsy trail of past is whirling in winds; in circles around my Red Road I walk here. I am not a rich American, another tourist here on vacation nor am I a European backpacker. I am an Artisan, Artist selling her makes on the road, earning something to eat and finding a sacred piece of land to sleep for free, just like it should be. I smile every time I think of myself, of who I am becoming. Are you proud of the road you walk? You should be, if not, change it. We have all the power in the world. We are the actors in our plays, we are the directors, and we are the writers. We manifest our heavens on Earth. And that is what I am doing will journeying this Beautiful, ever ending Red Road of Spirit. I see the changes within myself and I smile and breath. This is not Ego talking. This is me, knowing who I am and being proud. Who is ready for this life I ask. Who wants to join me living life day to day? Not knowing where you are going to sleep. Knowing it’s got to be free for you have no money. And asking mama earth to provide you some sacred water and nourishment to keep on journeying towards this ever ending spiral of enlightment.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Quarter Moon - Thursday 20th of May

1st Quarter Moon – May 20th
Destination: DF (Mexico City) Districto Fedral
I am spending these last few days in one the biggest cities of the world. At first I said, No, I am not going there. Yet I expanded my mind, remembered a lot of awake minds live in cities, that’s where consciousness can begin, and thus I am here. Here and far away from our Earth Mother. How can anyone stay connected to her while living within a cage of cement and pollution I ask? The ever speeding fast vibration of gotta get to my job on time, dressed in fancy black and white suits, hair pulled back, and brief case. I am defiantly on a different pace. A pace that now even has a hard time adapting within City walls… whole time im screaming to get out. There are so many less revelations inspired by nature and when being alone when constantly other city dwellers and concretes skyscrapers sucking away all light, natural vibes we call mama earth surround you. I have been caught up in this world, danced in it till dawn, worked in it from am to pm… yet never again. Where will these people go when the earth starts falling apart? When cities start crumbling. When Mama Earth is so sick that she begins to die, taking us along with her. Think about it, can humans live without water, food, animals, trees, and nature? No, and if you believe so, go try it on another planet why don’t you, instead of wreaking the one we have now. I realize more and more the importance of moving far away from cities, from vast populations and instead running into the forests of Eden with my sisters and brothers, Star Children of our Earth Mother.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cresent Moon - Monday 17th of May

Crescent Moon – May 18th

I am hitchhiking and on the road again. Mind changing where I am going to go and end up every five minutes. Letting the breeze fly me where I am supposed to go. At the last moment I decided to go all the way to Mexico City. Luckily my hitchin partner did as well. And we both finally got there. Being a woman can really make you feel week sometimes and hitchhiking is one of those times. In the past, in Asia I enjoyed the rush of getting a ride with a stranger yet now I am older and wiser. Road is time, meaning years and I have been on a lot of roads. Meaning I am actually ancient almost. Now I know being a women hitching alone, isn’t so cool. One day though, I see and manifest a world where that is possible. Where I can walk up to a door and ask to sleep there. When I am hungry, someone will offer me a plate. This world is coming; it’s the one you have to believe in if you want it to ever manifest. Holding in Negative thoughts keeps you grounded in a low level of vibration and you eventually get stuck there, going deeper and deeper, into the darkness. Is that where you want to go? Or rather higher into the realms of light and positive vibrations, where change is the only reality to where we are today.

14th, 15th, 16th of May
Huichol Ceremony of Maiz (Corn)
Cermonia de Tehijno
Santa Maria Del Oro (Volcanic Lake Crater)

Huichols are Indians who today still live by their traditions that follow our Earth Mother. Pacha Mama en enspanol. They are the visionaries and wise spirits that work with the medicine of the desert and thus are the only legal ones to cut peyote and eat it.
I stayed with a Huichol family here in Santa Maria Del Oro during this time to celebrate and be part of their Ceremony of Maiz and celebrate their staple crop and source of food. During these 3 days we only consumed corn. We ate blue corn tamales (nothing were inside so they were not that good as you might imagine), fire toasted corn kernels, and Tehijno (most important). Tehijno is a fermented corn alcohol. They make it by a constant 24 hours of stirring a huge pot of con over open flame, then another 3 plus days of sun soaking fermentation… Yummy, not quit…Yet we were outsiders, guests invited into their family (quit large) ceremony and had to drink it every round it was offered (which was continuously) and by the end of the second day (when the drinking began, around 10 am) we were bit tipsy. Which led to a clash of Mexican culture and Indian Huichol, throwing in Bachata Music and Dance for the rest of the night. It was a real interesting few days. I experienced such a vast clash of these two cultures within the family. Such extremes of culture and tradition to modern brain wash life of no values.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Moon - Thursday 13th of May

New Moon – May 13th
Destination: Chacala Beach, Nayarit

I am back on the beach, where I began this journey in Mexico. Here for a few days to soak up the sun, eat off the raw fire, and watch the New Moon change the tides and sea life as a new 28 day cycle begins. I sleep under the moon in my hammock, cook under the moon on a campfire, and sing songs of earth to the New Moon.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Balsamic Moon-Saturday 8th of May

Balsamic Moon – May 8th
Destination: Santa Maria Del Oro
I have found my caravan, the gypsy wagon that is going to take me across Mexico. I wanna paint a large Tree of Life on the back of it and really let the shanty, hippie life begin. We are a crew of 7 spirits, flying high together. Raising each others vibrations, exchanging them, expanding them. We have an Oso y Aigula amongst us, a Bear and an Eagle. They have followed us here from the Vision Quest. They are powerful energies, mixing, vibrating, and expanding ours. We are a tribe of mix souls, coming from different lands, but in the end, we all come from the Stars. Thus I don’t need to say more. I can’t even begin to describe in words that energy that was within us all. The oneness, the love. You know those moments, those happiest of pure ecstasy. Well that was one of them, yet it was constant. For that is what we are all reaching for, constant ecstasy, no? Yet like often, this came to and end too. The Animals left the group, the caravan owner and pal ditches us with out word, and I was left with 2 gypsies, faerie sisters. One of these sisters I had met before, on a beach called Yelapa. All of us Artisanas, Artists. We spent the rest of our time together selling and creating creations and selling on the street, restraints, and fairs. Then sadly I said goodbye to them to and was left all alone. Everyone had his or her own road to take, and mine was not in the same direction…

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last Quarter Moon-Wednesday 5th of May

Last Quarter Moon-May 5th

Last day of the magical vision Quest. Las Lobas, the Wolf Women came down from their ¨Mountain Top¨. They came down from 3 nights and 3 days, on Wednesday morning. In song and parade procession they blindedly entered back in civilization and straight into a Tamascal. They were not to see anyone before they were finally cleansed within the sweat lodge and after about and hour of joyous women unity they came out and greeted family and friends. And shortly after the Quest ended. Throwing the women back into the speedy world head on. In my mind, not even giving enough time to come to understand their visions and thoughts they had while away in conclusion. Yet I suppose some were not so ready to leave and those were the ones who went back into Ixtlan del Rio, to Uncle Bear ¨Tio Oso¨ Casa. There was another, last Tamascal that evening. There I was with a group of women, sisters I strongly connected with the last 5 days and a group of Brother Eagles and Bears. There we shared our experiences, The Wolf women of theirs up on the mountains and ours below, sending love and positive vibrations to seek out their visions and discover their paths.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Disseminating Moon-Monday 3rd of May

Disseminating Moon – May 3rd
Destination: Ixtlan Del Rio, Nayarit
Busqe de Vision – Clan de Lobas y los clanes de Oso y Aigula
Vision Quest – Wolf Women Clan and Bear and Eagle Clan

Immediately from the desert I traveled southwest to the state of Nayarit. Here a friend, an Oso – Bear invited me to a vision quest. It was a 5-day Quest only. More traditional in way to how they were created. And the visioners (busqadores) were only women, the Wolf Clan. Unfortunately I couldn’t quest as well, along with them as at least a 6-month preparation was necessary. Yet as I was to learn latter, even as much as I loved this group of people in this Quest, it is not my place to seek visions. Along with the Wolf Clan, there were the Eagle and Bear clan of men who are joined with the Wolf Clan. In August the Men quest and the women run camp. Yet, here in now, I spent 5 days meeting wonderful spirits all on the Red Road. We sang songs, songs, and more songs together. Singing to the Questers, sending them love and energy to continue on their quest. There were sweat lodges, Tamascales every day, occasionally twice as there were some just women tamascales. There was the sacred fire that was lit throughout the time there and a group of animal warriors, light warriors, earth warriors. We sung and dance from the beginning. The first night there was a traditional group of Mexica dancers who performed in full indigenous costumes of leather and feather wears, and danced while telling stories of past. This was a view into the past, of what once was and what now is not. Yet what is being restored as the time is changing and we are completing the circle of life? As well the Bear Clan performed their traditional Dance with Bear Hide. This was the second time I saw them, the first at the Spring Equinox Gathering I was at. Though it was just as powerful as the first time. And their songs reaching even further and deeper within, waking up my spirit and past lives. Their songs, drum beats, rhythm of natural sounds poured out in unity each night around sacred Abuelito – Fire. Those were some of the most powerful words I have ever heard, sung in this lifetime. They have woken up the Indigenous, Indian Women that I am, once was, and will be. The drum of mother earth’s heartbeat is waking up lost souls. Taking Spirits to follow the Red Road once again. Spreading Earth Mothers Messages.