Monday, May 17, 2010

Cresent Moon - Monday 17th of May

Crescent Moon – May 18th

I am hitchhiking and on the road again. Mind changing where I am going to go and end up every five minutes. Letting the breeze fly me where I am supposed to go. At the last moment I decided to go all the way to Mexico City. Luckily my hitchin partner did as well. And we both finally got there. Being a woman can really make you feel week sometimes and hitchhiking is one of those times. In the past, in Asia I enjoyed the rush of getting a ride with a stranger yet now I am older and wiser. Road is time, meaning years and I have been on a lot of roads. Meaning I am actually ancient almost. Now I know being a women hitching alone, isn’t so cool. One day though, I see and manifest a world where that is possible. Where I can walk up to a door and ask to sleep there. When I am hungry, someone will offer me a plate. This world is coming; it’s the one you have to believe in if you want it to ever manifest. Holding in Negative thoughts keeps you grounded in a low level of vibration and you eventually get stuck there, going deeper and deeper, into the darkness. Is that where you want to go? Or rather higher into the realms of light and positive vibrations, where change is the only reality to where we are today.

14th, 15th, 16th of May
Huichol Ceremony of Maiz (Corn)
Cermonia de Tehijno
Santa Maria Del Oro (Volcanic Lake Crater)

Huichols are Indians who today still live by their traditions that follow our Earth Mother. Pacha Mama en enspanol. They are the visionaries and wise spirits that work with the medicine of the desert and thus are the only legal ones to cut peyote and eat it.
I stayed with a Huichol family here in Santa Maria Del Oro during this time to celebrate and be part of their Ceremony of Maiz and celebrate their staple crop and source of food. During these 3 days we only consumed corn. We ate blue corn tamales (nothing were inside so they were not that good as you might imagine), fire toasted corn kernels, and Tehijno (most important). Tehijno is a fermented corn alcohol. They make it by a constant 24 hours of stirring a huge pot of con over open flame, then another 3 plus days of sun soaking fermentation… Yummy, not quit…Yet we were outsiders, guests invited into their family (quit large) ceremony and had to drink it every round it was offered (which was continuously) and by the end of the second day (when the drinking began, around 10 am) we were bit tipsy. Which led to a clash of Mexican culture and Indian Huichol, throwing in Bachata Music and Dance for the rest of the night. It was a real interesting few days. I experienced such a vast clash of these two cultures within the family. Such extremes of culture and tradition to modern brain wash life of no values.

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