Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gibbous Moon - Saturday 22nd of May

Gibbous Moon – May 22nd

Destination: Tepoztlan (Home to Aztec Serpent God – Quetzalcoatl and alternative spiritual community)

Arrival no place to stay, yet on the street a young women comes up to me and asks if I want to camp at her place.
I spent all my money right when I arrived in a Crystal Magical Kingdom. Crystals are so magnetic; they just drew me into the store.
Thus I was without any money till the New Moon (twice a month I am trying to allow myself take out money I have saved) 10 days…
Yet when you ask for what you need, the Earth provides you it. I am learning this. Learning this more without the abundance of paper, of our concept of currency. I am a creative child of Earth. I am always making something with my hand, creating beauty. And this is how I shall travel, by selling my Artsanias – Crafts. I am digging into my roots. My gypsy trail of past is whirling in winds; in circles around my Red Road I walk here. I am not a rich American, another tourist here on vacation nor am I a European backpacker. I am an Artisan, Artist selling her makes on the road, earning something to eat and finding a sacred piece of land to sleep for free, just like it should be. I smile every time I think of myself, of who I am becoming. Are you proud of the road you walk? You should be, if not, change it. We have all the power in the world. We are the actors in our plays, we are the directors, and we are the writers. We manifest our heavens on Earth. And that is what I am doing will journeying this Beautiful, ever ending Red Road of Spirit. I see the changes within myself and I smile and breath. This is not Ego talking. This is me, knowing who I am and being proud. Who is ready for this life I ask. Who wants to join me living life day to day? Not knowing where you are going to sleep. Knowing it’s got to be free for you have no money. And asking mama earth to provide you some sacred water and nourishment to keep on journeying towards this ever ending spiral of enlightment.

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