Monday, May 3, 2010

Disseminating Moon-Monday 3rd of May

Disseminating Moon – May 3rd
Destination: Ixtlan Del Rio, Nayarit
Busqe de Vision – Clan de Lobas y los clanes de Oso y Aigula
Vision Quest – Wolf Women Clan and Bear and Eagle Clan

Immediately from the desert I traveled southwest to the state of Nayarit. Here a friend, an Oso – Bear invited me to a vision quest. It was a 5-day Quest only. More traditional in way to how they were created. And the visioners (busqadores) were only women, the Wolf Clan. Unfortunately I couldn’t quest as well, along with them as at least a 6-month preparation was necessary. Yet as I was to learn latter, even as much as I loved this group of people in this Quest, it is not my place to seek visions. Along with the Wolf Clan, there were the Eagle and Bear clan of men who are joined with the Wolf Clan. In August the Men quest and the women run camp. Yet, here in now, I spent 5 days meeting wonderful spirits all on the Red Road. We sang songs, songs, and more songs together. Singing to the Questers, sending them love and energy to continue on their quest. There were sweat lodges, Tamascales every day, occasionally twice as there were some just women tamascales. There was the sacred fire that was lit throughout the time there and a group of animal warriors, light warriors, earth warriors. We sung and dance from the beginning. The first night there was a traditional group of Mexica dancers who performed in full indigenous costumes of leather and feather wears, and danced while telling stories of past. This was a view into the past, of what once was and what now is not. Yet what is being restored as the time is changing and we are completing the circle of life? As well the Bear Clan performed their traditional Dance with Bear Hide. This was the second time I saw them, the first at the Spring Equinox Gathering I was at. Though it was just as powerful as the first time. And their songs reaching even further and deeper within, waking up my spirit and past lives. Their songs, drum beats, rhythm of natural sounds poured out in unity each night around sacred Abuelito – Fire. Those were some of the most powerful words I have ever heard, sung in this lifetime. They have woken up the Indigenous, Indian Women that I am, once was, and will be. The drum of mother earth’s heartbeat is waking up lost souls. Taking Spirits to follow the Red Road once again. Spreading Earth Mothers Messages.

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