Thursday, May 27, 2010

Full Moon - Thursday 27th of May

Full Moon May 27th

Is the world coming to an end or is it just beginning. Beginning of a new cycle of a new time. A consciousness that is awakening up all our neighbors. Soon one will walk down the street dressed in full colors of rainbow light, body art, piercing, and a canvas of art work and will not be stared at. Instead looked at as a brother, as a sister, as all one human kind. Soon we wont be stared at for being different because we will be coming together into one race at this crucial time in this very moment of life. Soon my meditations, my prayers, my positive vibrations of light will reach yours. Circles of light warriors manifesting heaven will awaken those asleep. Vibrations of peace and love cannot be darkened and overcome. We who walk on the path of light spread as our groups grow. We can reach masses of groups to open up their minds faster than darkness will ever possibly. For in a darkened space, light can be created but in a light space can darkness occur… There are world catasphores coming, they have already begun. Earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones… They are occurring more and more ever since this age of awareness has begun to stir. Yet do not be confused, they are not created by awareness, but from darkness of humans. Global warming is not creating by the Earth, yet by the destruction humans have caused to mama earth. We are the blame, not our planet. We are the blame to the recent catastrophes this past year. Humans, Scientists, Dark Greedy beings far from light have been messing with the weather in science experiments. Trying to create a true world power of weapon… HARP Yet there are side appects. Those beings that are creating hide away for when the world comes tumbling down wont be so safe as they think. Only prayer, thought, and positive vibrations can save us now. Only thro disaster though, will most of human kind come together… I fear so. Thus I am ready for this change. For what has already begun. For the next few years of chaos. I tell my brothers and sisters to stop wasting time in daily jobs and Uni or School. Will these kinds of things prepare you for what is coming? Teach you how to live truly off the earth, just like in the beginning. To become savages, wild beings living off the land. Thanking Mama Earth for what she gives us. Killing and sacrificing animals for food. Are you ready for this? If not, you shouldn’t be eating meat. Are you ready to be one with the dirt, leaves, grasses, and sands…? And live one on one with Pacha Mama. Prepare yourselves, this is that time. The shamans and Ancients, the Wise Ones have released their Secrets, their Prophets, the possible future…So are you going to turn your back on that and go back to your daily job and emptiness. Or listen, wake up your mind and spirit to the new world that is coming.

It thunder and stormed last night just like the past five nights in a row. How strange, it is only May. The rainy season here shouldn’t start till July. A month early and shoulders shrug. Confusion is swept away and conversation ends. It is forgotten. The fact is that we are seeing changes, not just here, but all over the world. Did winter come early this year for you, or These are slight changes that most brush away, yet if you open up your eyes just a bit more, you will begin to notice the change. Notice the climate changes and think about them, if you do, you might just be more prepared. Prepared for what is to come, the change that will be much more dramatic in 2012. The signs Mama Earth are sending us with all these world chatasaphores. Tears and anger of what we have done to her and what we still are doing.

In Mexico I am jumping back and forth from such extreme opposites. I am on the road, synchronicity and faith in Pacha Mama always gives me a place to stay and food to eat. I am in a more clear state of who I am becoming and I realize what my Spirit is more comfortable with. What it needs and wants. Often I am camping, out in the open. I stopped using my tent, sleep under the stars, beside a tree, one with the earth. This is who I am. This is the natural rhythm of life of Mama Earth. I am her child, dirty, swimming in her oceans of trees, forests and animal life… And now I am in a clean house, white sheets and blankets, a bed. Kitchen, electricity, plumbing, what a strange wwoof experience. A reminder to not get drawn into luxury, habits of how humans grow up today. For I am not amongst your kind anymore, I am a Forest Fae, who loves the Earth and feels the natural rhythms of life that most have forgotten. I am becoming one with everything, with Pacha Mama.

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