Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Quarter Moon - Thursday 20th of May

1st Quarter Moon – May 20th
Destination: DF (Mexico City) Districto Fedral
I am spending these last few days in one the biggest cities of the world. At first I said, No, I am not going there. Yet I expanded my mind, remembered a lot of awake minds live in cities, that’s where consciousness can begin, and thus I am here. Here and far away from our Earth Mother. How can anyone stay connected to her while living within a cage of cement and pollution I ask? The ever speeding fast vibration of gotta get to my job on time, dressed in fancy black and white suits, hair pulled back, and brief case. I am defiantly on a different pace. A pace that now even has a hard time adapting within City walls… whole time im screaming to get out. There are so many less revelations inspired by nature and when being alone when constantly other city dwellers and concretes skyscrapers sucking away all light, natural vibes we call mama earth surround you. I have been caught up in this world, danced in it till dawn, worked in it from am to pm… yet never again. Where will these people go when the earth starts falling apart? When cities start crumbling. When Mama Earth is so sick that she begins to die, taking us along with her. Think about it, can humans live without water, food, animals, trees, and nature? No, and if you believe so, go try it on another planet why don’t you, instead of wreaking the one we have now. I realize more and more the importance of moving far away from cities, from vast populations and instead running into the forests of Eden with my sisters and brothers, Star Children of our Earth Mother.

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