Saturday, May 8, 2010

Balsamic Moon-Saturday 8th of May

Balsamic Moon – May 8th
Destination: Santa Maria Del Oro
I have found my caravan, the gypsy wagon that is going to take me across Mexico. I wanna paint a large Tree of Life on the back of it and really let the shanty, hippie life begin. We are a crew of 7 spirits, flying high together. Raising each others vibrations, exchanging them, expanding them. We have an Oso y Aigula amongst us, a Bear and an Eagle. They have followed us here from the Vision Quest. They are powerful energies, mixing, vibrating, and expanding ours. We are a tribe of mix souls, coming from different lands, but in the end, we all come from the Stars. Thus I don’t need to say more. I can’t even begin to describe in words that energy that was within us all. The oneness, the love. You know those moments, those happiest of pure ecstasy. Well that was one of them, yet it was constant. For that is what we are all reaching for, constant ecstasy, no? Yet like often, this came to and end too. The Animals left the group, the caravan owner and pal ditches us with out word, and I was left with 2 gypsies, faerie sisters. One of these sisters I had met before, on a beach called Yelapa. All of us Artisanas, Artists. We spent the rest of our time together selling and creating creations and selling on the street, restraints, and fairs. Then sadly I said goodbye to them to and was left all alone. Everyone had his or her own road to take, and mine was not in the same direction…

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