Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last Quarter Moon-Wednesday 5th of May

Last Quarter Moon-May 5th

Last day of the magical vision Quest. Las Lobas, the Wolf Women came down from their ¨Mountain Top¨. They came down from 3 nights and 3 days, on Wednesday morning. In song and parade procession they blindedly entered back in civilization and straight into a Tamascal. They were not to see anyone before they were finally cleansed within the sweat lodge and after about and hour of joyous women unity they came out and greeted family and friends. And shortly after the Quest ended. Throwing the women back into the speedy world head on. In my mind, not even giving enough time to come to understand their visions and thoughts they had while away in conclusion. Yet I suppose some were not so ready to leave and those were the ones who went back into Ixtlan del Rio, to Uncle Bear ¨Tio Oso¨ Casa. There was another, last Tamascal that evening. There I was with a group of women, sisters I strongly connected with the last 5 days and a group of Brother Eagles and Bears. There we shared our experiences, The Wolf women of theirs up on the mountains and ours below, sending love and positive vibrations to seek out their visions and discover their paths.

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