Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Quarter Moon: Sunday 21st February

First Quarter Moon – Sunday 21st of February
Moon in Gemini – Air
(The moon is visible from noon to midnight)

Destination: Bosque Village (Eco-Farm), near Yotatiro Pueblo, 20 minutes from Patzcuaro, on the lake, North Michocan
Mission: Wwoof Volunteer and to learn Natural Building

I left on the 18th from the beach to finally head into the mountains of Mexico for most likely a few months. I needed a breath of fresh air from sandy beach after sandy beach and now to have a few missions… This is my first Eco Farm that I am going to visit in Mexico. Here it runs a bit differently than most. It isn’t really a family run affair nor an eco village as their name clams. It is an American couple with a large piece of land in the mountains that host about 5-20 volunteers at a time year round. As volunteers we actually pay to stay and work here, unlike most Wwoofing farms, yet by the looks of their webpage, I was quite excited to check it out anyway. And as a plus, my Goddess friend Emily, from Sweden was already there. Thus from the 19th I will be here the next 2 weeks. My first day I arrived just before lunch and met all the other volunteers, thou not till the next day did I begin work with the others. On a daily schedule, we wake up before 8 to have breakfast in the Casita (Volunteers house with living room, library, bathroom, and kitchen) and begin work at 8:30. My mission is to learn about natural building while in Mexico and on my first day of work here, we worked with cob to build a cob house that is already half done. Yet we had no one leading us and only one girl who has a bit of experience with cob, trying to do her best to instruct the rest of us. Longer I stay here, the more I realize the lack of teachers and the majority of self teaching. As many complaints I have, along with the other volunteers, in general the place is great. What I am trying to do is focus on how my future community could run better. And with each day I know more with what I want and don’t want.


Amor, Amor, Amor, Amor, Amor
El mensaje es el amor
Amar tus Hermanos… (La Luna, El Sol, Los Arboles, Los Plantos, Los Animales, La Tierra Madre)
Como tu mismo
Y yo soy amor

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