Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Moon: Saturday 13th February

New Moon: Saturday 13th of February
Lunar Imbolc
New Moon in Aquarius – Air
(Moon rises and sets with the sun)

Destination: Maruata
I left Yelapa the 11th traveled all day and night and arrived the 12th in the wee hours to south Michocan State of Mexico. I traveled along the coast, about 10 hours to a new beach. I had had plans to go to Colima, just about 5 hours away to hike an active volcano on the new moon. Yet I found out, as its February there is snow at top. As well realized it wasn’t the best plan to do it alone. And even more so, later on found out its impossible to hike the active volcano altogether. Thus luckily I arrived in Maruata. Where I hung out on the, oh so beautiful beach and camped for another week.

The new moon was a special day. The beginning of the Chinese New Year and the first moon cycle since the Winter Solstice had finished. As well the New Moon was the Lunar Imbolc.
That day for late dinner I met a local friend and we made together fresh fish (as he was a scrubber diver and fisherman, like most locals there) with tortillas and guacamole; just the beginning of a beautiful day. Later he took me to see the turtles. He works for a turtle sanctuary there, and we went looking for some Mama turtles laying her eggs. And after over an hour walk on the beach with no luck, and as we were reaching the sanctuary again, we found her; a beautiful creature of Earth Mother. A mother as well, laying her eggs in the sand. We had arrived just in time for to watch her dig her hole, lay her eggs and leave. Then we, I actually took the eggs back to the sanctuary and buried them in a guarded area there. And while we were away, some babies had hatched (takes about 45 days) and then we realized them into the ocean. The Moon was is conjunction with Neptune that night as there was definitely a spiritual awakening going on, with cosmic love and all as one!
That night at midnight I climbed up a rocky cliff to sing to our Earth Mother and pray for the restoration of our planet. To pray and sing that we humans can wake up and realize we must take care of Her, if we want to keep living. To sing out in love. We are all one.

We have to learn to do nothing again
To just be
Be and exist
Absorb Mother Nature
Look at her magical kingdom
Waste time
Time doesn’t exist
What exists is right in front of you
Our Mother Earth
Our Father Sky
Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Hug a tree
We are a part of them, yet they are wise
When you learn to do nothing,
you will realize that you are doing everything

I feel like dancing till the end of time.
Till my feet and arms are wings and I’ll fly into Heaven.
To be one with my Spirit and all kind. Aho

We are the Change
We are the ones that we are waiting for
We are dawning
We are the rising sun

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