Friday, February 5, 2010

Last Quarter Moon : Friday 5th February

Last Quarter Moon: Friday 5th of February
Moon in Scorpio – Water

Destination: Yelapa, Jalisco

I ran quickly outta Mal Paso after the storm had hit. Took it as an Earth Omen and took to a new beach, not too far away. There would be a trance party on Saturday and was hoping to dance the night away as well as sell some of my artisania’s. I ended up spending a magical time with 2 other Goddesses of the Earth (Artists selling jewelry as well) from Mexico. A small tribe of us dirty campers formed on the beach and the backyard of a house, just learning to be, sit, content with not much. Cooking from the camp fire every night and giving our bodies wisdom of relaxation, meditation, and peace. Our energies combined were sky rocketing from the tree’s and peace was within our palms.

“Crack your seed pod.
Scatter your promise.
Nurture your soil.
Protect your waters.
Stretch your branches far and wide.
Grow Grow Grow!”
Protect Mother Earth

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