Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Moon - Monday 29th of March

Full Moon - Monday 29th

Santa Daime all Women Cermony with Tamsacal

You fight enternally within yourself wiht who you think you are and who you are. With body and Spirit. It is a constant struggle to the end if you cant except yourself. The Daime was strong...

And it led me in and out of an eternal battle all night. A haze of confusion, not sure what it was. It was constantly being over ridden with positivity. Laughter, i was smiling all night. I am Positive Light! No matter what Spirit knocks at my door, i beam of light. Thro out the night, as my experience just kept intensifing, my personal reality was teasing me. Daime, Ayuawaska is haulligenic. And i was defintaly seeing things. Things that you dont see in the physical body realm, only in spirit realm. My fantasy world was comming alive. Interestly tho, it was a dark fantasy world, filled with dark beings, yet i just observed and laughed at them. They were not taking a ride inside my physical body. I have control of my own journey. I have the power in my thoughts, in manifestation. I already know this and the Daime was just confirming it. I tried to make a lemon roll across the floor to me, yet it didnt work. I am confused why not. If i am a powerful Spirit of manifestation, why couldnt Spirit guide the physical lemon to the physical body? That is what i am working on, manifestation and the power of thought. I am not sure the answer, i suppose i just need to walk with Ayahuasca more to understand...

I asked from the journey ahead of time if my 7 Spirit Guides or any Animal Totems would come visit me. I believe i have control of the journey, yet i suppose i need more experience. I had confusing visions of wild animals and wild men. I felt as if i were them. And they were me. At one point i had fur all over my body and i wanted to scream out in growls and fearse animalistic sounds and behaviors. Was i a bear? Hermana Osa. Or am i a bear? Or just confused. A mix of all...

The whole roof vibrated in energy and was a ocean of waves and movement. It was beautiful. And the sky outside! That was just beyond words. The clouds were vibrant colors and jumping out of the sky with Sister Moon, Luna Llena (Full Moon) glowing bright and sending waves of florecent energy down to Mama Earth and healing all her creatures.

Ayahuasca gives you visual, intesifed eyes that see everything in a more beautiful state. More vibrant of color, shape, and form. It is as if it is so that each object projects out its own energy. This is how all life works and this is what Daime can teach you. To be able to see all creations filled with energy. An older women the next morning, a first timer was lost. Lost in the experience and was very confused. Bad energy and spirits clinging to her. I tried to talk to her, help her thro it. Talking can help, it did for me my first time. What she was having a hard time dealing with was the intensity of all life that she was seeing for the first time. The vibrant colors and energy. The colorful visions, that were appearing, that are just one, with all life. She wanted to know if it would stop...She was confused and what i have already learned and knew is that the feeling of all creations filled with energy and light is the ideal state to live and one hopes will never go away. Why would you want it to? Just because it is unknown. Yet couldnt she feel that power that came along with it? The power of knowing that the world is compleat beauty. Didnt she want to keep it forever? I do and i am learning to as i walk with Daime in life.

More experiences, moments, hours, nights, weeks are filled with the power of life, the beauty of Great Mystery. Positive vibrations and love are within me, making me a travelling ball of light. My journey in Mexico is beautiful and words can not describe it no more. I am walking the Red Road. El camino rojo.

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