Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Quarter Moon - Tuesday 23 March

First Quarter Moon - Tuesday 23rd of March

I am being challenged daily on this journey. Challenged by other Earthlings, other viajeros (travellers). They challenge my belief system in debates. All unaware of what i am aware of. And what is that? It is knowing that we are from the stars. That we are decendents of past Mayan's who were killed before. We are all magical creatures and can do anything. Yes i have the power of manifestation. Power of thought. My hands can create anything I believe that i see part of my future life. I am manifesting Heaven on Earth. I will create a different place to live. A sancuary of like minds that are one with our Mother Earth and Father Sky. Their we will teach. Teach those who hear us and come to us. As a united family of soul brothers and sisters, as an Eco Village of self sustating suffiecency, with children and elders all at our sides, we shall grow as one. One Spirit raising consciousness thro our energies cascading over mountains, thro forests, across water. United energies spread distances and those who are ready can feel their vibrations and they will come. My dream is a reality, for reality is your imagination. For you creat your life, everything in front of you, you gave yourself. And with it, i shall have what i invision. It is not just fantasty, or perhaps it is. Yet than i am fantasy as well. These current tests of no fath, they can not bring me down. Nobody can push their reality on mine. Yet it is good to see, to hear the controdictions, the other points of view, the debates. But i know that i am here to fight spiritualy. Not thro breaking down the government, world powers. I am not here to help "my side/for the people" thro bodily form, with your hands. I am here with Spirit, to help guide those back to Spirit. To Consciousness. Once enough souls are here, we can change teh world thro prayer, manifestation, and positive light energy.


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