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New Moon - Monday 15th March

New Moon - Monday 15th of March

Ac Tah- Mayan Descendent presents weekend conference on Mayan Beliefs and the coming of 2012!
I spent this past weekend participating in a conference talking about Mayan Prophecies. And dancing to the beat of the Earth´s Belly. Native American Drums and Dance, waking up our Spirit!

Waking up awareness and consciousness of our Mother Earth. Of her crying out in pain as we humans continue to harm her. Our Brother and Sister 4 legged still remember, are still aware. Why is it just us 2 legged, who think we are the rulers of the world can not remember? We can’t hear her crying? I cry as i see more concrete skyscrapers going up, forests of wise tree´s being torn down, and as the Earth trembles in quakes and kills millions. Why? Why cannot we wake up, listen to our hearts. Walk again one with spirit. Listen to our ancestors. Remember why we are here...

The world is about to change. We are at the end of the 4th cycle and are coming to the 5th. At every turn of cycle, the Earth quakes, speaks us to remember. Darkness will come. Darkness has come. Don’t you remember New York City over 5 years ago? Darkness. It will come again. And quakes will keep continuing as we sleep in unawareness of our Earth Mother. On the Winter Solstice of 2012 the planets will align with one another. Earth as the center point will be surrounded in the four directions by her neighbors. By Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. The Moon and Sun will be above and below us. The intergalactic spaces are aligning. They will bring change. The Ying and Yang will shift. We have been in a Yang of Masculinity for this past cycle. We are about to shift into a balance. An equality of one gender, of one race. We are coming to a new age. We humans will decide where to take it. To let the shift pull into negativity or into positivity. We have the power within us all to do anything. If only we would all wake up! Walk with spirit, realize we are one. We have power to stop earthquakes and tsunami´s. We have the power of the world if we come together in harmony.

I am walking the Red Road

New Moon - I have arrived to a new Eco farm outside San Miguel de Allende. It’s a Beautiful single Women living in a small community of Permaculture living. There is no electricity, nor running water. They are living off the land, in the desert. Cacti surround me.

Fast forward, to the evening of the New Moon.
Again Cactus surrounds me...

Psychedelic, geometric triangles, circles, shapes, dimensions...
Light, a Teepee… A circle of brother and sisters around a fire, of RED. of LIGHT and DARK. Ying and Yang. Energies... A group of friends, who let me into their circle; which I am so thankful for, and there, in the tipi, within our mother´s womb, we drank medicine. We consumed ayahuasca in a legal Santa Daime Ceremony/Ritual. Madrina, Shaman, Medicine Women- Maria Terresa led it. There were 9 of us, gathered around a fire. We started off with one shot of Ayahuasca each. Mine was to be smaller as I wasn’t really part of the group, yet so thankful to be part of it this time. Next lead to Hale Mary´s and Fathers...Santa Daime is a Catholic Religion base/mix with our Earth Mother. This time it didn’t matter tho. I had finally been able to let go and it wasn´t important of religion. As all religions are the same, even as they differ, in the end they send the same message. As we began to sing in Portuguese about the Lord, my past judgments had vanished. I was singing about Love. Tho it helped I didn’t understand the lyrics when singing of sin. Overall i was thankful to be present and as well be around a fire, in a tipi again. Very quickly people began to feel the medicine running thro their bodies, some overtaking their physical bodies. The medicine was powerful this time. The eldest there, in his eighties i believe was the first to run from Spirit.
It continued, the two other men started to enter other space, another reality from what we believe we live in now. They had entered into their Spirit, yet were being tested and losing. They were losing control of their own Spirit and letting their own demons come in.
I was able to see the energy of the spirits. But more so, i felt them possessing my companions. You could see it, eye to eye, straight up fact, a reality whether you are taking medicine or not. These 2 men had their eyes rolled to the back of their heads and were talking to themselves. They were moving hands up and down, in conversation. They were fighting off the Dark verses Light. Negative verses Positive forces. One man was doing hand movements, which he later said he was shooting light beams out of his finger tips. He was fighting with light energy. He was fighting hard. He was cleansing his aura. Fighting his inner demons...
Yet this leads me to question - Are Spirits with us all the time?
Yes they are. Daime (ayahuasca) opens ones chakras, opens our souls, to become just Spirit. It teaches us to leave behind the body and be amongst other Spirits. And you chose whether they are good or bad ones. You can walk with your demons or be one with your 7 Spirit Guides. Thus it must be Spirits are with us all the time. We are fighting them to not control us. To not be in the Negativity of life. Are all spirits just inner demons, i wonder? Or are there bad energies, bad spirits walking earth among us? Do there exist more spirits than just our own? Are we only in touch with our own spirit guides or demons? I saw this man fighting a demon, one within himself. But the others in our circle, talked of seeing spirits. Light and Dark beings. This means when we become negative, mad, angry, sad, Spirits are able to enter us more easily and create more negative vibrations. Expanding one negative thought too many. This is why we must focus on light, on positivity. So spirits will guide us not deeper into negative vibrations, but more so into light. Into positive beings. Light Beings. To become one with Spirit all the time.
Spirits can guide us or manipulate us, we are the deciding factor on how we control our beings.

There were demons all around us, trying to possess us. One by one, circling and trying to enter into each of our bodies. I did not see the spirits. I was not there, in their space. Only laughter and happiness embodied me. I was keeping my space of enlightenment and joy. I was pure Light. Radiating Positive Energy from my Spirit. Drinking this medicine, i saw things. But more so, i felt things. I felt energy, i felt spirits, i understood all. This medicine opens us up to who we are potentially able to become. Nirvana talks about leaving the body, of becoming pure light and energy. Of becoming pure Spirit, and this is what we were for those short hours in the tipi. We were leaving behind bodies and becoming one. Many of the groups were fighting inner demons and they were fighting hard. Yet a few of us women were radiating pure light. Two men were possessed, 2 girls were being visited by spirits, laughing at them, inner demons telling them they weren’t good enough. Yet we were all Spirits, unaware of bodies, among dozens of more spirits. Visiting us, guiding us, some trying to take advantage of us. Tho I was just a body of light, my light (positive) energy cascading onto the others, my brother and sisters. They thanked me the next day. I was aware of my light, energy and hoped it was spreading out to the others as I focused on this. Focusing on keeping light all around my soul and aura. Holding the energy of the group. Sometimes i looked away, onto the others fighting, unable to not stare at those being possessed.
I couldn´t feel myself. My body. It didn’t exist. It was attached, but for an unclear reason. What was below my head was unclear. Arms, feet, stomach...what are they? Where were they? It was so difficult to focus, to understand that my feet were touching the ground, solid as a rock. Yet I wasn’t. Hovering, gliding, soaring... I was not quit grounded on Mother Earth, on Pacha Mama at all. Perhaps my body was, but it didn’t belong to me anymore. For it´s just a physical form and I wasn’t. I was disconnected from my body, forgot my face, name, who I quit was, for I was just there, in the now as Spirit. My Spirit guiding each step. I was one with all existence, for I was nothing but one particle in the air. Connected to my billions of brother and sisters. All Spirits, forgotten. For our bodies and minds control nearly all life. We have forgotten, we are unaware of how to become one and float with our Spirits. Let them guide us.

Ayahuasca is Medicine. Some may believe it’s a drug, and it is to those who believe this. To those who take it as Medicine, it cures you. Helps fight within... Giving lessons on how to walk more with your Spirit and less with your physical body. Daime teaches you how to be just Spirit. That is all you are. Yet you can learn to walk slowly with each step on your own, towards light everyday. Just being Consciousness is the first step. Are you ready to jump?

You may think I am talking of an illusion. Yet it was reality. I was in this farce. I was. And I was laughing thro out the possessions, thro out the journey on medicine. Nothing is what you think it is... Reality is what you make it!

¨All Creations are a part of Great Mystery´s whole, just as every cell in the human body has different function and yet together those cells make up a carbon combustion unit that houses a Spirit with a unique identity. All human ideas are birthed from the Spirit inside the human body, are fed to the brain, and then acted upon through the will of total being. All ideas in Creation come from the Great Mystery, are gathered by Great Spirit, and then are used to feed the rest of Creation. To limit the power of Creation in ourselves or others is a human concept. If we acknowledge the limitlessness of Great Mystery, we must acknowledge that this life-force is also a part of our makeup because we are created by that same Original Source.¨

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