Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Balsamic Moon - Wednesday 10th March

Balsamic Moon - Wednesday 10th March

I said goodbye today, leaving behind the Bosque. An Eco Farm, dreams of a Village one day. Only till leaving did i really understand their main goal their. They do not explain it in the beginning, Brain and Marie the owners. Most likley that is because they are not really ever present truely in your experience at the Bosque. They have created a beautiful project, but have now faded into the darkness of their home. Spending all day inside on computers, in the cyber world, verses the world theyve created outside Mexico. The wonderful eco experiment. Watching and observing what will grow with earth water as its food. As they have rain catchment as their sole water source, they are not ready to use it all on just plants. Thus what they are doing, is planting, planting, planting. Planting everywhere, to see where plants, vegetables, fruit tree´s... will come up with Mother Earth watering her alone. It is a very beautiful experiment, only if we had been clear of this is the begininng, when arriving to the Bosque.

Hitchhiking, hitch a hikin, a hitchin. Pedir un Ride, Autostop, Hacer el dedo gordo.
I left with my friend Naima from France today, we left hikin outta the forest and onto the road to look for rides going up north to San Miguel de Allende.
First time since i have hitched for a while now. I lost my confidence to do it alone. Thought it was maybe i am getting older and not so CraZy... But i think its just ive been sheltering Fear on my shoulder for a while now. And woowwww its gone. That shadow of negativity has finally left from this last year of insight, learning, and emotion. And now im free. A free Spirit again.

It took us all day to get to San Miguel de Allende. I think we had over 6 or 7 rides to get there. It was a journey. And once we were there, we spent the next few days exploring the streets of Spain. I mean Mexico.... I´ve been taken back to my years in Europe. There are no dusty, rocky roads here. Its all coblestoned and i feel like im back in Spain. The articecture is beautiful, just outstanding. And full of life, each house vibrantly painted a different color. And the Catholic Church in the Center square is comparable to Europe´s finest in my opinion.

¨Great Mystery lives in everything, is everything, and encompasses everything in creation. It created all things in beauty, harmony, and interdependence. Each facet of Creation was, is, and will always be. The energy of Creation is self-regenerative and eternal.
Great Mystery created Great Spirit to direct the creative flows of the Uniworlds, which include all unvierses, all levels of consciousness, all understanding, and all life. Trying to figure out all the answers to the Great Mystery is foolish and impossible because we are a part of that infinite, progressive Creation.¨

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