Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gibbious Moon - Thursday 25th March

Gibbious Moon - Thursday 25th of March

"All/each individual life form is an expression and contains Great Mystery. A part of Great Mystery lives in everything and knows no boundaries or limits. Every life-form has the will to co create with the Original Source in beauty and truth or ugliness and dispair.

Every life form has one common mission as well as their individual ones. Each life form is created to learn to be an equal contributor to the beauty of the whole and how you areg going to go about it. The mission of discovery is the Sacred Path of Beauty that allows every living creature to express uniqueness in a way that exemplifies harmony and truth.

The human race is the only one of All Our Relations that has lost this inner knowing about our purpose. The 2-leggeds have been give much assistance by Great Mystery since they must answer the questions of common mission before understanding the value of their individual missions. This assistance has come in the form of teachers who are All Our Relations.

All creatures are a part of Great Mysterys whole, just as every cell in the human body had different function and yet together those cells make up a carbon combustion unit that houses a Spirit with a unique identity. All human ideas are birthed from the Spirit inside the human body, fed to the brain, and then acted upon throught the will of total being. All ideas in Creation come from the Great Mystery, are gathered by Great Spirit, and then are used to feed the rest of Creation in oursellves or others in a human concept. If we acknowledge the limitlessness of Great Mystery, we must acknowledge that this life force is also a part of our makeup because we are created by that same Original Source."

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