Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dissementing Moon - Saturday 3rd of April

Dissementing Moon - Saturday 3rd of April

Vision Quest - Rosa Grande - Outside Morelia in the mountains in the state of Michocan

A vision quest is a journey one takes atleast once in their life. Its a journey thro nature, into solitude, to be one with nature and the 4 legged brother and sisters of ours. Once there, you journey into medition for a set amount of time. Normally starting with 3 days. You create a sacred circle to stay within and fast. Drinking only water and staying put in place to recive visions from Great Spirit, Great Grandfather and Grandmother of Earth, Sky, Fire, and Water. Dreams, Animals, and Visions come to you, to give you messages of why you are here, what your road is in life. Some Quests are done to give back energy to Mama Earth. We take and take and we dont often give back, thus some are done for not personal growth, but growth as a whole, as one. Native American children at the turning of age often went out on their first quest. There they seeked their road from animal totems or spirits...

A long time ago the Busca de Vision was brought to Mexico and all around the world. Here in Mexico they have their tradtional sweat lodge, el tamascal and they use their medicine given to them from Mama Earth and the Wirikuta Desert. Hikuri, known by the Hiochol Indians helps visions during your quest manifest greater. This medicine, also known as Peyote is used in cermony and rituals and used by those ready to journey to another realm of awarness. Medicine helps manifest awarness and consciousness to those seeking it.

I was told about this Vision Quest about 10 days before today. I was told in vague what was going to be done there. It wasnt clear. Yet i decided to pray for the next 10 days that i would be able to attend. I knew i wasnt ready to climb the mountain, to go quest on my own. Or so i thought i wasnt. Yet i was able to participate as Apollo, Support to those questing. I had the opportunity to be a part of the small family seeking Mama Earth´s Messages. And thus i prayed that i could go. For it looked like i would not be able to in the beginning. My dear friend Teressa had plans to go and was going to take my other male companion along; not i. I had just been to a All women´s Santo Daime Cermony. Yet i prayed and in the end i went, while the other 2 stayed behind. I asked Mama Earth to go, and she gave it to me...she always gives doesnt she?

Thus i went with a friend of Teressa´s to go support his girlfriend. Tho i was already 7 days late... Tho it didnt matter, but this Quest was to go for 2 weeks. Where there would be first year Questers going up for 4 days, next you go up for 7 days, then onto 9 days, and finally finishing it with 13 days. (This is a 5 year process, 1st year there just to support) I arrrived just in time for a cermony, as the 1 week ¨Buscedores¨ Questers were comming down from the ¨Mountain¨. I arrived at night to an enourmous outline of a very familiar home, a tipi. Yet it was atleast 35 feet (mine at home just 16feet. I need to up grade:). In this lodge, the cermony took place. It was a medicine Hikurri Cermony. Here i journeyed for the first time with this medicine that Mama Earth gives to the desert. The cermony lasted all night. Till late morning and sleep didnt come till the following night. The cermony is hard to describe, but just picture a group of 50 people sitting around a fire in a huge tipi. Most had backrests, yet the spiral coninued inwards as their were so many people and they were unfortunate and had to sit up all night with no back support (as i did). The medicine immediatly began to be passed around, starting with the main Madrina - Medicine Women and spiraling out towards the other 4 Madrina's and then onto her their left to the buscedores (The people who just came down from the mountain) and around in a circle and spiraling within to the supporters. Mean while a rattle, sacred staff, and a man with a drum spiraled to each Spirit there, to sing a Medicine song and pass it on to the next. This process seemed to take hours and unfortuatly i cant describe it in detail anymore. Yet singing went on and on. The fire keeper kept to the sacred fire throughout the night. The medicine was passed around twice. And then there was the sacred tabacco that was passed imbetween elders who spoke alot. And before i knew it was dawn and the sun was rising. As the sun began to rise, we all went outside to sing to the four directions and sing to our brothers and sisters on the mountain. And afterwards we proceeded inside to finish the cermony with food. 3 large boat trays of meat, fruit, and corn were passed around in a spiral to everyone. I am leaving out so much detail here, yet there are too many words to describe everything and now i soley wish to hold everything in memory. When the cermony did end, after 10am, i went to do yoga and rest as i was exhausted and that afternoon there was a tamascal (sweat lodge) which filled me with an abundance of energy for the rest of the day that let me begin to meet people and start my week off at my first vision quest.

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