Friday, April 23, 2010

Gibbous Moon-Friday 23rd of April

Gibbous Moon – April 23rd
Destination: Huasteca Mountains

Four intense days of travel thro the Huasteca mountain range. A less traveled area, yet unfortunately was there for the weekend and thus hit Mexican high end tourism… Creating not the most beautiful experience, yet still worthwhile. I spent 4 days in green mountains and sacred water. Hot, hot days traveling to meet up with my German friend Mathias and visit the most popular sights. Leaving Mexico City I went to Xilitla, where I visited Las Pozas, El Castillo, James Edward Surrealist artist and architecture left an unfinished Labyrinth of a castle. Which was the most magical structure and place ive ever been and dreamt the hole time of living there in a community of Gods and Goddesses. From there I went to Aquisimon and met a group of young artists in the plaza and hung out with them for the day. That late afternoon we went up to Sotano de las Golondrinas to witness a magical work of nature and animals. A cave, a cavern the biggest and deepest in the world where thousands of birds, la golondrina and others fly into and return at sunset and fly out of to leave at sunrise everyday. There I witnessed this, as you may have on the documentary from BBC – Planet Earth (caves) that shows the birds and base jumpers entering into the cave. I met my friend here and stayed with a local family and the next morning went down to witness the sunrise spectular. Bit touristy but a real magic of nature. We hitched to La Morena and then to Tamul waterfall, where we went on a very touristy few km canoe ride to the biggest waterfall in Las Huatecas. Along with our boozing boat mates, we hitched with them to Ciudad Valles for dinner and then stayed with one of them in Tamasopo. It was a challenging day of contrasting energies and extremely different characters. The next morning we went and saw our last touristy waterfall and from there left the tourist scene to the barren desert.

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