Thursday, April 8, 2010

Balsamic Moon-Thursday 8th of March

Balsamic Moon : Thursday 8th of March

Vision Quest
The quest ended on Saturday the 10th. On Friday 4 Buscedores (Questers) came down from their 13 day Vision Quest. They were celebrated with crowns of flowers, flower paths, and another Medicine Cermony that night. This cermony was greater and much more powerful for me. The medicine worked stronger, as i was more ready. Truthfully i felt i was thrown into this Quest with so many rules that i had no idea of. It took me a week to learn what was going on and what i should and shouldnt do. As well to get to know the people and feel like they were family as they were always talking about. And as i came out of this incredible experience that had indeed changed my life, i still have alot of critisism about it all. And in end i have realized it is just not my place. I didnt understand that until leaving. I couldnt register why the Madrina and in general 'la familia' there were not connecting. And flatly it was that i felt no powerful energy coming from them. I didnt feel a sacred energy, a connection with them nor the land. I didnt feel at home as they were stating it was for everyone. I felt words were spoken and ideals stated, yet points missing. We were on sacred land and on sacred journies, yet it was filled with chain Malborou smokers, coca cola drinkers, and meat eaters. Was i the only one seeing the huge disconnection, the controdicition they were living. Talking to Spirit, yet consuming hurtful products to our Mama Earth. Companies and ideas that have ruled the world this last cycle and have been part of the destruction to the planet. I was within a community of souls on their paths, on the Red Road, but terribly misguided by society and daily life. Many Questers came to this Quest straight from Mexico City (one of the largest cities in the world) filled with mixtures of different energies that come with cities and immediatly, with a coke in hand ¨climbed the mountain¨(very contradtictory as they were literally only 10 minutes from our camp) and put themselve head on in this Vision Quest. What was their reason? Truth be told, it was the thing, the ¨fashion¨that is spreading thro Mexico. Vision Quest are becoming more and more common and more different walks of life are coming upon them. Which is great, yet are they ready with a coke in one hand and a greasy, meaty taco in the other? Are they here to become quickly enlightened? Did our ancestors use the Vision Quest in this way? NO! A quest is a sacred journey on your on, Alone, and you must go into Mother Nature and find a location that speaks to your Spirit, to your Heart; a power spot. And from there go on your own journey within, without food or water for 2 days. And as much as i enjoyed, learned, and basked in the beauty here, i couldnt help but feel disconnected. Disconnected from the land and the people. Yet these are my thoughts, my feelings, and i am thankful if this time really did give some clear vision to those who needed it. As for now, i will continue alone on my Red Road and when i am ready i will go on my own Vision Quest, at a power spot, and have visions for myself and Mother Earth

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