Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Moon-Wednesday 14th of April

New Moon – April 14th
Destination : Xico, Vera Cruz

I up and changed my plans in a moment’s time. Leaving the Vision Quest I came back to Teresa’s farm in San Miguel for a night to talk with Teresa about the quest and see Mathias. Yet I had plans to meet Naima in Guanajauto, capital city of the state, less than 2 hours away. Thus I got there, checked my email to see where she was. And found out she changed her plans, our plans and was leaving tomorrow. And once I met with her, I decided that instant that I would too. It was a simple decision as I went with what felt naturally right. We hitched across Mexico to Vera Cruz in one long day of travel. We went to meet a friend of hers who works and travels with horses. Now we are here and our dreams are becoming reality. Two years ago I heard about a traveling horse caravan. Two years ahead I am in the presence. One-year time I might be part of it. Dreams are really happening. You can create anything in your life, manifest your reality and your dreams. This is an example, that I thought wasn’t ever a possible reality, yet now it’s more than reality. It is going to happen. Manifest what you want, it will come to you.

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