Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last Quarter Moon - Tuesday 6th of April

Last Quarter Moon : April 6th
Vision Quest

*Feeding the Fire lunch (when preparing lunch for everyone, a small plate of food was brought to the tipi and fed to the fire - feeding the Questers thro Spriit)
*Keeping the fire going constantly. It is the warmth of the Questers. Somebody always was in the tipi, maintaing and watching the fire for the hole 2 weeks
*Also each day making and changing a design in the fire. A design made by the coals. Such as an eagle, rainbow, 4 directions cross...
*Sunrise around 7am. We were woken up after 6:30am by a subtle beat of a drum and singing/chanting by someone each morning. And from there we met outside the tipi to sing to the four directions and the Questers on the Mountain (they could hear us, they were not that far away) We were sending them love and strenght 'fuerza'
*Sunset Salut as well to the four directions with Medicine songs, rattles, and drums
*Sacared herbs and medicines (tobacco, cedar, flowers...) were always in baskets around the fire in the lodge for offerings when entering or leaving
*Tobacco was smoked in corn husks and was sacred
*Logs on fire wer set in a criss cross pattern, repersenting an arrow towards the design made of coals, to the alter, and to the center of the tipi (where the Madrina always sat)
*Grandfather 'Abuelito' Fire
*Thanks was given to each meal we ate before hand and the food was made by all
*Community work was shared amongst all
*Tamascal (sweatlodges) were run once a day
*nightly cermonies (often yet not every night were run) ranging in just talking, planning, to a traditional Guatemalan baby shower where there was large cauldron/cast iron pot where coals and a vast variety of herbs, spice, and medicines were thrown into it and stirred up to celebrate the soon to be mama and cooking up her life
*Women had to wear skirts within the tipi and cermony area, while men had to wear pants

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