Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Remembering our Earth Walk

Wake up.... Wake up....

I say wake up brothers and sisters.
It is time to wake up and face the truth behind reality...

Aren't you ready to face the real world today?

No i am not talking about the Real World that adults tell their childdren that they must come to know one day. Not a world of higher education, careers, success, money, marriage, ownership of property, buying your own house, 2 cars out in the driveway.... NOOOO.... 
Not a house full of material goods, dinner being the only hour you get with your family, stuck in traffic hours everyday, being in an office all day and missing all sunlight, city gardens of pavement and concrete....

Dont you Remember? 
Oh right most of us dont anymore... We forget it once we hit an adolescence age where we are so easily influenced by our parents and world we see today...
We forget why we have come to this Earth and what we are to do.

Now do you Remember?
Do you get at what i am talking about. 
Remember!!!! Your Destiny.

---- Our Earthwalks ----

Yes each wee humble human being carries a destiny and walks a certain path. We have written out our own lives before we are even born. We create the outline of the challenges we decide we must face to overcome and transcend onto another level of human consciousness. 

As newborns and infants we humans are still connected with Creator. We still know our Divine Plan. Yet with time and human life influences this "plan or walk" is forgotten or pushed to the smallest corner in your Heart. There it sits until we are ready to kneal upon Mother Earth, kiss and touch the Earth, and ask Creator for Guidance. Pray for clarity and vision to your Earthwalk and who you are.

When we are just little one's we forget our Dreams and are influenced by the Dreams of the Minds current state of the World. We decide our dream is to be a firefighter, a rock star, or an Artist. Later it can become a doctor, a lawyer, or  Teacher. What we assume is that our dream must be within a profession. That our dreams must be reasonable and help us make a living. Yet doesn't that confine us a bit to what we humans are capable of doing? 

What of those passions that bring us utter happiness and complete connection with the Divine, yet do not give us a way to sustain our lives? 

We 2 legged have forgotten our purpose in the chaos of the world's hunger game of survival. We have forgotten that everything we possibly need to survive is given to us by our Mother and that the Earth will always take care of her Children, as long as we do the same for her. Yet being so disconnected we have no sense of how to return to her and thus feel that we must meet the standards of this Modern World we live in and live up to what the "Machine" reads. 

I ask you this....

What is your most wild and crazy dream for your life? 

Who is the most heart inspiring women or man that you want to be?

See we all have a dream inside our hearts...somewhere. Often our inner most dreams are hiding. Fear is blocking them from emerging and leading your life. We let fear control instead of our Hearts. Sometimes our Dreams may seem little, sometimes very big. Yet all dreams are the same, all are valid and important. It only depends on the beholder and how they feel about themselves. It depends on how we see ourselves. For Creator God see's us all thro the eyes of LOVE. God created each child of his in the same manner. We are all equal, all the same in importance. We may each be made of different ingredients  different spices, but that is what makes us unique. God has no favorites you see. Yet he does have children who are happier, those who are on track with their higher purposes, and those who have ascended to a level where they think of themselves no more and only of others and are hear on planet Earth to help HEAL and WAKE UP the PEOPLE....

Remember your Dreams. Your Earth walk. Your Destinies.
We all have a journey to take, we all have a road to walk down, and we all have the power to manifest anything in our lives. The only thing stopping us is us.... 

Sometimes our hearts stop us from believing that we deserve such incredible dreams becoming reality. Sometimes we dont think we can do it. We fear, FEAR, that we dont deserve it. Some hide from the world in the shadows. Hiding from their path for they feel Small. Hide from God as they do not want to face the TRUTH. Facing the truth will require healing. Healing comes from a place when one is ready to step off the cliff and let Creator take care of you. 

I know this as Faith.

And others often feel the opposite of small and thus walk in state of mind that they are more important than others. They live their lives not in the shadows, but wide in the open for everyone to see. They walk in Ego. Walking in anger and hate. Feeling better than others, more powerful, and in control. They dont hide in fear, they ride Fear and laugh in the face of God.... 

We are all in the power to Create our own Lives.

Haven't you heard by now the phrase.... "We are all writers of our own Scripts?"

What does that mean you ask? Well simple... You, yes YOU have the power to create anything and everything that happens in your life. We simple humans, were once not so simple. We come from Divine Beings of Light. We are Pure Light. Yet we have forgotten this, and thus have forgotten that we have the power to move our lives in any direction that we choose. We 2 Legged are so powerful that we can Create our own Realities and MANIFEST anything we desire in our own lives. That is if that desire is coming from a higher place and good for all people. We have forgotten we are pure Magic!

Each of us carries our own Medicine. Our own Teachings. Our own Songs...

Have you remembered your Song yet?

Dont worry... You will get there. I have faith in you. Creator is guiding you back home. To the center, to the Universal Heartbeat, where all is ONE.

We are the Dreamweavers. We are the Choosen Ones...

Take some time for yourself today.
Go within, inside to the depths of your heart.

Once there you can explore all corners of the universe. For God, Creator, the vast universe of Light, that all lives within side of each and everyone of us. 

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