Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My story

Virgo - Sun & Scorpio - Moon & Aries - Rising
Mayan Calender Sign (Quiche Count) - Tijax 9 - The Curendera, Doctor, & Healer

I grew up in Northern California. In the middle of Hippie Paradise. Parents who moved up north to live off the land. I was cherished. I have the most incredible parents i could think of. Yet growing up i didnt always see this.
 I was a nature child and running around searching for the wee folk,yet during the teens my view shifted from Loving the Pure Beauty of Humboldt's Mountains to yearning a modern life in the city. I was media gagged.... Pulled into the concepts and ideals of what a Modern Women should look like and how one should live in the mainstream society.

I believe TRAVEL was what cured me. What got me back onto this road of Mother Earth. 

I started travelling at 16. I left for the Czech Republic to be an exchange student for a year. Meeting so many international people changed my concepts from a small town American girl - to a Worldly young women seeking Adventure....
I decided to not go to College or University. I was a Honor Student, yet felt such an intense desire for TRAVEL that i ignored societies common views... 
I went to Ecuador for the summer after Graduating High School. Then took for Spain to be a nanny and learn Spanish. From there i traveled around Europe for a summer by Train and ended up landing back in Prague to teach English for a year. After 2 straight years in Europe, along with a girlfriend, we Flew off for INDIA for a new Adventure. I spent 5 months of adventure, parties, and self discovery, until i was finally beckoned or rather commanded to come home and visit family as it had been over 2 1/2 years. 
Yet time in Cali was kept short and i was back to South East Asia for another 7 months travelling, this time Alone on the Road... This is where my path towards Spirituality really started to open up for me. I had had Rastas since India, was totally living the Hippie Life, yet was mixed up with Spiritual Enlightenment thro Drugs and Alcohol. 
After 6 months or so i heard Mother Earth speak to me. Not in a voice, not thro words, yet an energy. She said i needed to Go Home to the AMERICAS. This was big, as i had been planning on spending the next year or 2 in China. 
But i listened to that Voice and went home to Turtle Island and really have been here since. 

My work is here. In the Americas. My vision is clear. Turtle Island is my home. This is where My People are. Where my Ancestors are. From Canada, United States, Mexico, to Guatemala here is where my work lies. With the First Nations and Ceremony. I am a medicine women. I am a healer. And a women of the Earth. 

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