Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Moon - 14th of January

One day past, 24 hours ago the moon became linked together (in conjuction) with Mercury at 8:35 am. Mercury represents communication, travel, thought. At this very hour i was in travel. Taking another leap into time. I flew over deserts, mountains, and ocean to arrive just south of my home in Mexico.
I am embarking on an intergallatic journey of consciousness. Through time and space i am travelling to seek out Mother Earth´s Messages. To atune my mind, body, and spirit with nature. To where we all came from. To the Stars. The Plieades.

Destination: Puerto Vallarta
Note: Aweful skyscrapper gringo ridden city, but it does have an airport, thus i have landed

Yet not alone have i landed. Never alone. There waiting for me was my soul sister from the north. The Eagle.
Back to the New Moon
It is the beginning of the first full cycle since the winter solistice. And with it, i have began a revoluntary change in Uranus. Death, Rebirth, deep total change in Pluto. I am one with the Universe.

New Destination: Sayulita, 1 hour north of Vallarta on the West Coast of Central, Mexico

We are the Change
We are the one´s that we are waiting for
We are dawning
We are the Rising Sun
We are the Change
We are the one´s that we are waiting for
We are Dawning
We are the Rising Sun!

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