Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Quarter Moon - 23rd January

The morning sunrise brought Venus square to the moon. With her she brings - Relationship, love, sense of beauty, and empathy. And man we were really feeling the sense of beauty of Mal Paso. The pristine, rugged life we were beginning to live there. Using all the elements as our guides. The Earth - Sand beneath our home, Fire - our only source of making food to eat each day, Water - the sea as our only source of cleanliness, and Air - Oh, sweet air we breath. We were also building new relationships as time passed. Building quit the community. Nearly 20 foreign, nature loving campers living off the land. Yesterday we formed our Goddess trio, taking in Emily from Sweden. With her we started a new project. Our Canadian neighborly pirate boy scouts were constantly creating beauty at their camp. Creating zin rock gardens, alters, and such. They were living there bout 2 months. But we were starting to catch up with them in time. Besides our tree alters and dream catchers, we decided to build a Medicine Wheel. A traditional Native American Prayer/Meditation Circle.

The Lesson of Patience:

From the red star, red is. The red is East. It is the doorway within the physical wheel of learning. The red is red medicine, Confidence. Red is also Patience. From the spirit we are united with our memory of consistency. We connect with Constant. The red teachings are carried on the wings of the eagle. A spirit keeper stands at the wheel in the early morning mist and speaks to us of deer medicine. Deer is the one who carries prayers to Great Spirit, Grandmother/Grandfather. Both deer and eagle give us the teachings of spirit. It is the memory of the Rainbow Medicine Wheel that is brought to us from the red.
A physical Medicine Wheel is a place where you can encounter spirituality. It is your own church, your own classroom, your own sanctuary. Medicine wheels are very old. Within the mother wheel that is mother earth, we have the opportunity to see all things, hear all things and do all things. The Rainbow Medicine Wheel starts in the center where creation occurs. A song of spiraling colors comes out from the center, and the seven rocks placed around it represent the Song. From the Song comes direction.
Starting in the East, with red, in spirit. In the South, with green, are lessons, emotions. In the West, with blue, is the physical. In the North, with white, is wisdom. In the spirit section, the East, are seven stones: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, burgundy. With each of these stones are words of medicine: Confidence, Balance, Creativity, Growth, Truth, Wisdom, Impeccability. From the East gate, going into the center, are seven more stones; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, burgundy. These are the lessons: Patience, Unity, Original, Faith, Sincerity, Reason, and Worth. In each section there are seven medicines and seven lessons.
In the teachings of spirit, as we learn to be sacred, we listen to the Song, for we are accountable. As we learn to pray, we listen to the Song, for we are responsible. When we learn to pray, we listen to the Song, and we are sincere. When we learn to teach and we learn to learn, and we learn to give and take, we listen to the Song and we are honest. When we do, practice and be, on the good red road, walking in the good way, we listen to the Song of Faithfulness. When we select, when we make something happen in our life, we listen to the Song of Commitment. When we do it and carry it on, and produce it in our everyday walk, we listen to the Song - we are dedicated.
We apply our lessons and listen to the Spirit keepers that walk through the gates. From the spirit, the spirit realm is carried on the wings of the eagle. From the emotions, it runs on the paws and hairs of the coyote. From the physical, it is seen within the depth and the power of the eyes of the bear. From the mental, it is from the mind of the wolf.
It is yours, to build, to dream, to sit with, to have the opportunity to feel creation, to hear salvation, to walk with uprightness, to be on the red road, to follow the ways of Grandmother/Grandfather, great Spirit.

Patience was our guide and song our friend as we spent 2 long days slowly constructing this wheel around a sacred tree. We had all the materials between the 3 of us. Synchronistic, meant to be. All the while we sang. Songs of Earth, of her sacred steps, of the love we hold as Light, Rainbow, Earth Warriors. We are goddesses and put all our power of love, beauty, and strength into the rocks as we painted, into the poles as we planted them, and into the center alter, Great Spirit (Tree) that was bedazzled with dozens of sea shells and powerful crystals. We finished at dusk on the Waxing Moon. We held our first ceremony with songs of Earth. And afterwards we celebrated. Celebrated with food, song, and dance. What a traditional, sacred evening it was. We indulged and bought Camarones - Shrimp to make shrimp/veggie kabobs and fire roasted potatoes. Our new neighbors from Guadalajara, brought drums, song, and music. Thus we danced to the beat of the Earths heart. Danced until we grew wings and were birds and could fly...

I feel like dancing
till the end of time.
Till my feet and arms
are wings
and i´ll fly
into Heaven.
To be one
with my Spirit
and all Kind.
A ho

We all come from the Goddess
and to her we shall return
Like a drop of Rain
flowing to the ocean.
Hoof and Horn, Hoof and Horn
All that dies shall be reborn
Corn and Grain, Corn and Grain
All that dies shall rise again

We all come from the Horn God
and to him we shall return
Like a spark of Flame
rising to the Heavens.
Hoof and Horn, Hoof and Horn
All that dies shall be reborn
Corn and Grain, Corn and Grain
All that dies shall rise again

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